Davis® Tree Stands

It’s simple to put up your Christmas tree when using the Davis® Tree Stand. Take a look at our demonstration videos and start using the Davis® Tree Stand on your tree lots this season. You’ll be amazed at the time it saves! Contact us today!

Setting up a Davis® Tree Stand


Step 1: Place stand on tree. Tap in bottom wedge with a 3lb. hammer.


Step 3: For lot display: Replace crank with a lag bolt. Use a 1/2” impact driver to fasten.


Step 2: Tap crank in with hammer to start. Turn clockwise until tight against trunk.


Step 4: To straighten tree, stand on side tree is leaning. Push tree away from you and step on base ring.

Demonstration Video


Davis® Tree Stool

The latest addition to the Davis® Tree Stand family. Resting the butt of the tree on the stool frees your hands for quick installation of the Davis® Tree Stand.